Meet the 5 winners of Urban Innovation Challenge 2018

On Monday, 27th November, 2018 Brac announced its winners for Urban Innovation Challenge 2018 at Brac Centre. Starting from June of this year, UIC 2018 started its campaign with the theme “Our cities, our problems”. It aims to support early stage social enterprises who are actively working for solving dire problems of our society. In 4 different categories, 5 winners were announced. Here is the list:
1. City Bird: Uses solar panels to power water pumps in residential areas
2. Nirvana: produces Lasiter, a digester that turns kitchen waste into gas for the purpose of using it for cooking
3. Jotno Healthcare: provides digital and diagnostic healthcare to patients with Jotno Healthcare box and Jotno mobile app.
4. Drinkwell: uses mobile payment platforms to provide safe drinking water in distant underprivileged areas.
5. Onushongo: Provides washing and cooking services to urban slums with plans to develop slums and to avoid displacement.
Honorable Mention Award-Responsive Urbanist: produces and installs rainwater harvesting systems to be used as aource of pure and safe drinking water

Elvis Gomes