Top 10 technology oriented economies of the world

Technology has been an inseparable tool in the process of development of any country. Adaptability to technology is one of the most influential and crucial indicator for a country to attract foreign investment. The world is enthusiastically ready for the next generation technology like artificial intelligence, green energy based technology etc. Therefore, the most flexible economy to adapt to this change is expected to be the next big giants.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2018, published by World Economic Forum, has meticulously justified and ranked the economies by scoring it from 1 to 7 according to four most influential categories for doing business. Categories include

  1. legal framework of the country to adapting to tech based business models
  2. Stable policy and external environment for conducting business
  3. Efficiency of the government to adapt to change
  4. Long term vision of the government

According to the report, top ten economies are

Rank Country/Economy Scores
1 Finland 6.7
2 Canada 6.5
3 Singapore 6.4
4 Australia 6.4
5 Chile 6.3
6 Hong Kong SAR 6.3
7 Luxembourg 6.3
8 Switzerland 6.2
9 New Zealand 6.1
10 Slovak Republic 6.1


Our neighbor Sri Lanka was ranked 73 with 4.9 overall scores where India has been ranked 83 and Pakistan 94. Bangladesh has not been able to stand even in the top 140 economies. With stable and incremental policy development, Bangladesh is hoped to outperform other economies in the category of building a business friendly infrastructure.

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