What is the explanation for this growing number of customer complaints of ride sharing services?

Accountability has always been a BIG question for ride sharing companies. Many of the consumers feel they have been wronged by the service providers and the increasing number of complaints is a testament to that. The biggest explanation to this phenomenon can be the lack of enforcement of guidelines established nine months ago. Ride sharing companies have not registered with BRTA yet. Consequently, the riders of these ride sharing companies can’t be held accountable as their operators are not registered.

There are around 12 operators active in Dhaka right now. 10 of them have applied for registration. The registration process is stuck at developing the process for managing security issues by Police and the operators despite repeated seating between operators and BRTA. In the meantime, the number of complaints like charging excessive fees, cancelling rides after accepting, misconducting with the customers and defying the traffic rules is rising. With the completion of the registration process, operators will be under the control of BRTA and penalizing these operators will be possible. Cancellation of the service providers’ and drivers’ registration will be possible under the guidelines by BRTA.

Operators expressed that they are working with the Police to develop an integrated system where with the touch of a built-in button, consumers can get the help of the Police. The development of this process is expected to be finished within 3-6 months.

Source: Ride Hailing Services: Key guidelines gathering dust, The Daily Star, November 10, 2018

Elvis Gomes