Reasons for not getting internet service at a cheaper rate

Internet has changed the lifestyle of people of Bangladesh. Yet, there are millions of people who are not connected with the internet. One of the reasons for not being able to be connected through internet is the unreasonable pricing of internet packages. There are several factors working behind this unbearable impediment. The reasons are described as follows,

  1. The number of National Telecommunication Transmission Network: There are only 2 operational NTTNs in our country, Fiber at Home and Summit Communications. The lack of NTTNs in our country has made the market monopolized in this region for these organizations. This monopoly has increased the price of bandwidth transportation cost which consequently increases the price of internet service.

The best 23 internet service providers of the country incorporated a new company called “Shongjog Network Limited”. They have applied for NTTN license which seems to be hung up for the upcoming election. With the issuance of their license, they believe they will be able to provide internet service at a very cheaper rate even to the farthest corner of the country.

  1. The price of other elements in providing internet service: To provide internet to the consumers, internet service providers need 16 mediums. Bandwidth is one of the mediums which costs only 6-8% of the total costs of the internet service providers. Reducing the price of bandwidth won’t affect the overall price of the internet service. Policy makers need to think about coming up with solutions for reducing the price of other mediums.

As the elections are near, this issue is left out for the new government officials to be considered. The newly appointed government officials must take in account the prices of internet service as this has become an integral part for realizing the dream of Digital Bangladesh.

Source: Je Karone  Komche na Internet er Dam, Bangla Tribune, November 9, 2018

Elvis Gomes