Problems and solutions of online shopping in Bangladesh

Over the years, online shopping concept has been growing among the internet users of Bangladesh and with the development of digital infrastructure, it is bound to take over the lives of Bangladeshi people. The most interesting fact about online shopping is that it attracts the rural people more than the urban people as urbanites have shopping malls to go to but rural people don’t have access to these better quality products. Much of the remittance coming to Bangladesh goes to these rural people. So rural market can be the next big thing for this country. Few of the hindrances to the development of this market are listed below
1. Transportation: Outside Dhaka, it takes about 7-10 days to reach the product to a customer as the logistics infrastructure is still feeble in our country. Developing a logistics infrastructure single handedly by an organization is costly, time consuming and complex.
Solution: Using a network of 10,000 post offices can be a solution as it takes 2-3 days for the post office to deliver a package.
2. Cost of Mobile Internet: Rural people have to rely on 2g/3g mobile internet as there is meager broadband facility outside Dhaka. Costs become unbearable as most of the online shopping pages have high quality pictures which engulfs a large amount of megabytes.
3. Lack of Faith: Due to some dishonest online shopping businesspersons, some people experience fraudulence ordering online. Once a bad experience may stop them and their peers from ordering anything online in the future.
Solution: Awareness among the customers about their rights should be developed. Customers may file a complaint against any online shopping business in “Customer Rights” court.
The Market size of online shopping in Bangladesh is around 700 crores per year. There are at least 13-15 lakhs customers in Bangladesh ordering at least once a year. Our neighbor, India has 10 lakh customers every year where the number of is users in our country is not even 1% of the population. How fast the market will grow will depend on the decisions taken by the policy makers.

Source: Jibondharai online kenakata, Prothomalo, 6th november, 2018

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