Women benefit from loans with lower interest rate

Lower interest rates have a direct impact on women empowerment and ensure their active participation in the financial sector, said speakers at a dialogue.  They spoke at the National Dialogue for Women Entrepreneurs at the Midas Convention Centre in Dhaka on Friday. Midas Financing Ltd (MFL), one of the top non-bank financial institutions in the country, organised the event to acknowledge achievements of women entrepreneurs and encourage them.

Apart from providing financial services and benefits, the MFL has extended support in the form of training programmes, investment plans, management guidance and marketing strategies.

“In this aspect its parent organisation Midas is playing an important role to groom entrepreneurs. From the very beginning, they are providing intellectual support to the entrepreneurs by arranging comprehensive trainings on different contemporary issues and developing them for taking on the challenge of the global economy,” said the statement.

Navojit Dastidar