GP managing talent to focus on digital services

Over 600 employees of GrameenPhone are likely to lose their jobs with the implementation of their new project “Common Delivery Centre” (CDC). The implementation of this project will outsource their network management operations and will make the existence of several hundred employees at GP obsolete. Telenor, parent company of GP, has executed this project in its Myanmar and Malaysia ventures with the price of termination of a large chunk of employees.

 “If GP can implement the CDC project in Bangladesh, only a handful of people will be required in the operator’s technology team and more than 600 people will lose their jobs,”- Mia Md Shafiquer Rahman Masud, general secretary of Grameenphone Employees Union (GPEU).

The Union claimed instant dumping of the plan of the project and 12-point demand for extended job security.

GP also plans to undertake project “2020” which will lessen the workforce number to under 1000 currently standing at 2300. From 2007, GP let go over 3000 employees and another astonishing number of employees left GP at their own accord.

Elvis Gomes