STARTUP DHAKA Releases Trailer Of Its Second Film

We have worked for the past year to get this film done, a sequel to our first documentary. In our first film we explained the emerging startup culture that was happening here in Dhaka. In last five years our startup culture matured, however new challenges  have emerged.  While we understand that startups are creating value for local angel investors, however, international institutional investor have hardly any idea about Bangladesh let alone the opportunities the country has to offer.  So in our new documentary, besides showcasing the startups, we also highlighted the new economic indicators of Bangladesh which mostly unknown to international audience. We decided to rectify that problem in Startup Dhaka part 2. 

It has been a tremendous undertaking to tell a story that not only captures the country’s startup progress, but captures people’s imaginations about Bangladesh as well. This would not have been possible without help from a number of creative minds in our community.

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Our thanks to Dihan Chowdhury, Imtiaz Nasir, Tazin Afrin Talukder, Imtiaz Hossain, Samiur Rahman, and Tashfique Hossain. We would particularly like to thank Dihan Chowdhury for the amazing footage he captured around Bangladesh and Rashed Md Khan for capturing our beautiful Dhaka city. We were mesmerised by the intricate time lapses of iconic Dhaka sites by Md. Sharifuzzaman and the dedication of Imtiaz Nasir toward the film. We brought back Wasi Noor Azam to do the voice over, but this time he also worked on the animation. Thanks goes to Redowan Rabbani for making all the graphics for the film.

A special thanks goes to our editor Mazhar Ronni, whose job was to craft a story that was compelling. We would also like to thank Moar, Office Suites, Shuru Campus, Sky Deck and Art Cafe for allowing us to film at their locations. No film is complete without music, and Faisal from AKALIKO RECORDS extended his generous support for the film, as he had done in our first documentary. We are indebted to KHIYO for allowing us to use their track “AMAR SONAR BANGLA” which was rendered with love and affection. 


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Bidrohi” (“বিদ্রোহী”, “The Rebel”) is a popular, revolutionary Bengali poem written by our national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam, in December 1921. In this poem, the rebel poet Nazrul celebrates the human creative powers and passionately affirms the individual’s capacity for heroism.

97 years later, we take his words as the anthem for our local startups and their brave founders – the new rebels. To commemorate this ethos, the second trailer of Startup Dhaka Part 2 used the track titled ‘The Rebel Warrior,’ which was performed by artist RIZVI and produced by record label Akaliko Netlabel.

This second trailer showcases all the interviewees who took their time to share their experiences and showcase Bangladesh as a country of fantastic opportunity. This claim is based on incredible economic indicators and emerging growth data that are not often enough articulated to form a strong Bangladesh position. So, with support from our stakeholders and the friends of Startup Dhaka, we are promoting Bangladesh as an investment destination, as a place to take a bet on the digital economy.

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We would like to thank the almost 100 people who contributed to this film, directly and indirectly. A special thanks goes to the interviewees who participated and took the time to tell the story of their Bangladesh, who are as follows:

Honorable State Minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP, ICT Ministry, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Arif Khan, CEO & Managing Director, IDLC Finance Limited; Sonia Bahsir Kabir, Managing Director, Microsoft Bangladesh; Dr. Faisal Ahmed, Chief Economist, Bangladesh Bank; Michael Foley CEO, Grameenphone; Dr Hans Paul Buerkner, Chairman, BCG; Wendy Werner, Country Manager for Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan, IFC; Shameem Ahsan, Chairman, eGeneration, General Partner, Fenox Venture Capital; Maliha M Quadir, Founding Managing Director, Shohoz; Tina Jabeen, Investment Advisor & DPD – ICT Innovation, Startup Bangladesh, iDEA Project, ICT Ministry, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Zarif Munir, Partner and Managing Director, BCG; Waseem Alim, Founder & CEO, Chaldal; Hussain M Elius, Co-Founder and CEO, Pathao; Adnan Imtiaz Halim, Chief Executive Officer, Sheba Platform Limited; Ahad Bhai, Managing Director, BONGO; Bijon Islam, Co-Founder and CEO, LightCastle Partners   Rubaba Dowla, Founder and Managing Director, Pulse healthcare services


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Lastly, without the help of our presenting sponsor IDLC Finance and supporting sponsor Microsoft, this film would not have seen the light of day. The Startup Dhaka team is extremely grateful for their support.

Here are the links to the second trailer of Startup Dhaka Part 2:                                                                               

Here are the links to the first teaser trailer of Startup Dhaka Part 2:

We hope our attempt to convey new opportunities in Bangladesh and its digital economy helps usher in more investors and interest from here and abroad.  

Please help us share the film trailer with your friends and family. 


The Founders of Startup Dhaka

Mustafiz, Fayaz, and Samad


Mustafizur Rahman Khan