Fenox and Sega Sammy launch $20M advanced tech fund

Silicon Valley based Fenox Venture Capital and Japanese entertainment company Sega Sammy Holdings is set to launch a $20 million fund for investment in advanced technologies all over the world. Fenox will act as the General Partner of the firm with specific target to invest in companies with the potential for strategic synergy with Sega to support its innovation and growth.

The collaboration is a continuation of a partnership between Sega Sammy and Fenox which began three years ago when the VC firm became General Partner of a new private fund designed to fulfill the corporate venture capital function for Sega Sammy. Over the years, Fenox has invested in several companies in the United States, Japan and elsewhere on behalf of Sega Sammy.

Fenox Venture Capital’s CEO Anis Uzzaman said, “We are honored by the confidence Sega Sammy has shown in Fenox by expanding this fund. We will continue to uncover major technology trends and fund advanced technology companies that can contribute to Sega Sammy’s growth”.

Navojit Dastidar