Ride-sharing bikers take advantage of strike in city

Ride-sharing motorcyclists cashed in on the suffering public in Dhaka city today, taking passengers on contract and charging higher than normal. Motorcyclists were seen at Gabtoli taking passengers to areas even out of coverage of their respective mobile app services – in areas such as Savar and Ashulia.

Also, passengers were seen lining up for such vehicles, despite high fares, due to the scarcity of public transports for the ongoing transport strike across country.

“Although Savar and Ashulia is out of the app coverage, we are taking passengers as they need transport badly,” one such motorcyclist told The Daily Star on anonymity.

Besides, taking those long rides is proving to be profitable, he added. The passengers were being charged Tk 250-300 to reach Savar while Tk 400 for Ashulia.

Navojit Dastidar