Bangladesh deserves more attention than it gets

Matthew K Lobner, head of international strategy and planning at the HSBC has said that Bangladesh should receive more attention than it gets as the country has been posting steady economic growth amidst various challenges and is set to grow even faster in the next decade, said a top banker of HSBC. He said, “Bangladesh has a lot going for it”. A report by HSBC recently published that Bangladesh will be the biggest mover in the global GDP rankings reaching 26th position by 2030 from 42nd place now.

Lobner said demographic trends such as urbanisation, smaller households, technology, more women in paid work and children in schools are all positive with an increased ability to save and indulge in discretionary spending. Sales of products such as air conditioners, washing machines and computers are on the rise. A new consumer class is emerging that wants to enjoy the better things in life.

Navojit Dastidar