Another road to telling stories- Amazing Fables

Launched in 2018, Amazing Fables is founded by Warren Leow (35) with a purpose of selling personalized children’s books where the name, gender, avatar, dedication message can be changed. Warren’s company now has 6 titles and another 4 in the pipeline where are the stories were constructed and visualized by the team members. Amazing Fables hopes to capture the global market as it has translated its books into 12 different languages including Bangla and other South Asian Languages. Challenges like relying on word of mouth and printing & shipping costs couldn’t stop this company from stepping out in the rain and performing outstandingly. It is thinking about launching 15 books by the first quarter of 2019 and translating them into 10 different languages. It is a 100% self financed company with no plans of raising funds though they are thinking about investing more in marketing.

By paying only $24-$33 per book, An user can customize their name, avatar, gender in a story, watch a preview of what they will be ordering and finally when the order is finalized, the global partners in printing start printing and send out the printed copies to the users within 10 days.


Warren Leow is a London School of Economics Graduate who assisted to build up MaGIC that had a purpose of growing SEA startup ecosystem and runs a SEA based network of 1000 founders and investors- Unicroach on whatsapp. Team members include- Koushik Challa, IIT Graduate; Akash Dubey, IIT Graduate and 8 freelancing illustrators from around the world.

Elvis Gomes