The winner of Seedstars Cambodia 2018 is Joonaak, a logistics startup

Logistics startup Joonaak has won the inaugural Seedstars Cambodia in Phnom Penh on Sunday. Out of 10 finalists, Joonaak is a startup that provides delivery and warehousing services for small businesses. As the winner, they have raised US$500,000 as equity investment and will also participate at the Seedstarts Asia Summit in Bangkok later this year and compete at the Seedstars Global Summit in Lausanne in April 2019.

“This event is all about taking risks and the willingness to try … Every entrepreneur knows that we should go out of our comfort zone, doing something we’ve never done before, but in reality there are things that just seem out of reach. Put your heart and soul into it, trust your team, believe in what you are doing is something that people also value, and it is very important,” Joonaak Co-Founder and CEO Soliya Kong said.

Navojit Dastidar