Investment in Cambodian tech startups soar

Mekong Strategic Partners and Raintree Development has reported that Cambodia has seen 140 percent rise in investment in tech startups the first two quarters of the business calendar compared to last year. 12 tech startups raised funds in the last six months. The report also explained the country’s tech startup ecosystem by category, with fintech being the most popular sector with more than 50 active startups. Some of these startups are Morakot, Banhji, Pi Pay, Bonglay and SmartLoy.

Digital media and advertising followed with more than 40 active startups such as Direxplay, Khmerload, Sabay, and Soyo. E-commerce and logistics, development services, and “other disruptor models” followed with around 30 startups in each category.

Navojit Dastidar