A new era in insurance with ‘Easylife’

Guardian Life Insurance has become the first insurance company in Bangladesh to bring digital Online Term Life Insurance—‘Easylife.’ In Bangladesh’s context, the company thus can be called a market mover.

At the helm of the company, sits its Managing Director M M Monirul Alam who has already retained the reputation of being a visionary leader in the country’s insurance industry amassing over 20 years of experience from working at reputed insurance companies prior to joining Guardian Life.

The smart phone application circumvents the middle men and agents involved in the insurance purchasing process, thus streamlining the entire procedure. It also makes it easier for the consumers to track payments. Besides, individuals can purchase a policy with the coverage of BDT 10 lakh spending as low as BDT 1,834 realistically which is much lower price than a cup of tea daily. The minimum premium comes to as low as BDT 366 for the coverage of BDT 1 Lakh.

The innovative idea, on the back of growing technology adoption in Bangladesh, makes it easy for consumers to purchase insurance policies by using a smart phone application, at the press of a button. Hence the name ‘Easylife’. It is available for download on Google Play Store.

Navojit Dastidar