Bandwidth usage crosses 800 gbps

Country’s bandwidth usage has crossed 800 gbps. By the end of September, 2018 it has reached 820 gbps. It is confirmed that the usage has increased during the last 10 days.

On December, 2017 the bandwidth usage crossed 500 gbps for the first time. The main reasons for the increase of 300 gbps usage in the last 9 months has been identified as introduction of 4G and advancement of Fiber Optic Communication. At the end of 2016, the bandwidth usage in the country was nearly 300 gbps.

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar thinks that this type of usage growth in the country seems very normal for a developing country. It is a direct result of the initiatives taken from 2009 by the government. Submarine cable came in the country in 2006. During the next 2 years, internet usage was only 8 gbps which has now multiplied 100 times. Nearly every household has come under the Fiber Optic Cable Communication System. 3G/4G has been introduced. Now 88% data is being used through mobile phones. When 4G was introduced on February, 100 gbps usage increased in just a month. He also commented that all the distant places in the country will come under the internet communication system within June, 2019 through Fiber Optic or Satellite.

According to BRTC, there are nearly 9,50,00,000 internet connections in the country. 60 lac lines are broadband and these engulf the highest bandwidth according to service providers.

General Secretary of Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh, Emdadul Haque commented that there are approximately 65 lac broadband users in the country and they use over 450 gbps. In the beginning of this year, this usage was only 250 gbps which doubled in the last few months and will continue to increase in the future.

There are around 8 crore mobile internet users. The usage is greater through 4G. According to different sources, around 500 gbps is coming through Bangladesh Submarine Cables Company. Their demand is increasing as they have two alternative connections. Another 300 gbps is coming through Internet Terrestrial Cable from India.

Different types of digital services are now provided only through internet. It can be one of the major factors of the internet usage increase.

Elvis Gomes