Top Management of Bongo BD Spoke at Telecoms World Conference 2018

With a view to bringing together all the telecoms leaders in the Middle East region Telecoms World Middle East Conference takes place every year. This year, the event took place in Dubai where the CEOs, CXOs and the leaders across TMT industry gathered in one platform to share the knowledge on technology, innovation, variation and the partnerships that can transform and diversify the future of TMT industry. Top Management of Bongo BD also participated at the conference and talked about the immense potential in the digital content industry.


As the first and the biggest streaming video on-demand-service providers in Bangladesh, Bongo BD has been redefining the way digital contents are consumed by the users across the TMT industry. In recent times, Bongo expanded to the Gulf region and has been growing exponentially ever since.

  “5 years ago we didn’t think we would be sitting side by side but as Bongo grows globally, our role becomes ever so important for Telcos as digital service providers.” Said Fayaz Taher, after attending the conference.  “We met with many Telcos and will be expanding our services even further to serve our community and customers. It was truly an eye opener”




Key Takeaways From the Conference

In this digital age of disruptors, where customers are exposed to a lot of options, telecom companies have been trying to figure out the way they can increase services to increase revenue per user. Competing on network and capacity has already become obsolete. In order to make the customers use more data, it’s time for the telcos to make more partnerships to move forward and sustain in the business. One of the ways Telcos can increase data consumption is to partner with video platforms that revolve around customers and provide them a distinguished value.

On the other hand, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is also expanding globally side by side with existing brands as it not only allows to cut operational expenditure and infrastructure cost but also create a win-win situation among both the parties.

Ashfaqul Haque