Google Backed Informal Job Marketplace App Kormo Launched in Dhaka

Area 120, an incubation programme led by Google has recently launched an informal Job focused marketplace called Kormo in Dhaka. This mobile app based platform will help connect the job seekers with the businesses that are looking to hire people.


Kormo app lets the job seekers create a Digital CV on the platform and be matched with the potential employers. It also keeps a track of interview attendance, selection and job experience of the job seekers. But what stands Kormo out is its wide range of contents that are designed to improve the skills of the job seekers and advance their career.


Traditional job marketplace in Bangladesh has always focused on the formal jobs even though the informal job marketplace is much bigger in size. While 86% of the employed individuals are involved in the informal job sector until now there was no dedicated marketplace they could look up to. As a result, people working in this sector would often miss out on opportunities that best match their interest. On the contrary, employers would also have to go through a hard time finding the right people to fill up the vacancy.


Kormo already has over 1,000 employers and 21,000 available jobs on its platform. Currently, Kormo provides services in Dhaka, but soon it plans to expand to the big cities of the country.

Ashfaqul Haque