Search English: An Extraordinary English Learning Platform for Ordinary People

In the age of globalization, knowing English not only gives a competitive advantage in today’s business world but also opens up a new world full of opportunities. But sadly, in a time when Bangladesh is going through a robust economic growth, we see a large portion of its population is not proficient in English. Instead of focusing on learning the language, years after years the traditional education system of Bangladesh forces the students to learn English grammar. So, this weakness in the English language eventually turns into fear of making mistakes or being ridiculed by peers. As a result, we see about 90% of the students to fail in English in competitive public examinations while about 2.6 million young individuals remain unemployed. Even if some of them manage to get a job, but they can’t advance their career.


In order to give these group of people a platform to practice and be skilled in English, Search English was born. Search English is a community-based English e-learning platform that helps ordinary people to be competent in English by overcoming their fear and shame. Unlike other platforms, Search English creates an informal and friendly atmosphere where students can practice without having the fear of being judged or ridiculed. Within a span of just 2 years, it has become a community of 1.5 million people who not only practice but also help each other to improve their English proficiency every day.


Search English allows the learners to make mistakes and be comfortable with it. On its Facebook Group, a learner can write about any given topic and get constructive feedback from peers. For additional learning, a learner also gets access to Search English’s website which contains all the necessary resources needed to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking proficiency. But if a learner needs special attention, Search English can accommodate that with its daily and weekly webinar membership or online courses which cost between 50 Taka to 300 Taka.


Search English has successfully graduated from GPAccelerator after taking part in a 4 month long comprehensive program. Search English has already received some international recognition for creating a positive impact using technology. In May 2018, Search English won the prestigious Social Media For Empowerment Award in community mobilization category. Before that, Search English has also been officially featured by Facebook for its outstanding impact on social media.

The wave that Search English created from the shore of the Bay of Bengal has reached to different parts of the world. Learners from over 100 countries assemble in this platform for a common purpose, to learn English and to change the life. Search English takes pride in changing thousands of lives from the beginning of its journey.

When I completed my graduation, I couldn’t find any job because of my poor proficiency in English, said Jannat Kader Chowdhury, one of the participants of Search English. “I was rejected from every viva board because I couldn’t talk in English. After joining Search English group, now I can easily talk & write in English. Now I run a startup which works on English digital contents”

So, if you want to develop your English proficiency, join the community of Search English today.

Happy learning!


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Ashfaqul Haque