cWork: A Crowdsourced Microjob Platform To Get Any Job Done Right Away

How long do you think it would take for a person to digitize a book having 1000 pages? If you think the estimated time is about 4 weeks or 2 weeks or 1 week, that’s totally fine. But what if we tell you that you can digitize the same book within only 2 hours? What if there’s an AI that will ensure the quality of the task? Starting from market research to image annotation to proof-reading to data input, you can get any big task done within a few hours. Sounds great, right? Because that’s what cWork, one of the startups of GPAccelerator Batch 5 is doing.


cWork is a mobile app based micro job platform. cWork deals with big yet simple tasks that typically require a lot of time and manpower to complete. It breaks down a big task into smaller pieces and distributes it among its selected pool of contributors. Thousands of verified contributors, who are also known as cWorker immediately complete the task and submit it online. And that’s when cWork’s artificial intelligence system kicks off and verifies the submitted task. After ensuring the quality standard, it forwards the task to the employer.


Despite experiencing an enormous economic growth, the number of educated yet unemployed individuals in Bangladesh is still on the rise. According to Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), one-third of the educated youth are unemployed. On the other hand, for any organization, it is not only inefficient to hire people for doing easy and repetitive tasks but at the same time, it is time-consuming as well. So, putting two and two together, Mustafa Al Momin, the CEO cWork came up with the brilliant idea of creating a crowdsourced micro job platform.


“From my childhood, I always wanted to do something for the people. cWork was built to help mass people so that they can earn some extra money to support their little financial needs or send a gift to their loved one. Despite the aim, we saw many students and educated yet unemployed young people are interested to work in cWork. Moreover, companies working with artificial intelligence or machine vision showed enormous excitement as they can utilize the platform to train their artificial intelligence model.”


From its employers’ dashboard, it’s quite easy for employers to post a job on cWork. It allows them to provide instructions, requirements and expected time frame. After completing the job successfully, the contributors get paid immediately in their cWork account. The paid amount can easily be withdrawn using bKash and Rocket.




The platform brings both the employer and contributors together and creates a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. cWork has already completed 43,752 micro jobs with the help of its 12,750 verified contributors. cWork employers include companies like Bongo, AlleyWatch, Head Blocks and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics etc. Recently, cWork introduced crowdsourced QA Testing on their platform. Within only 48 hours, cWork can test the usability of any app, website, game or software with its 500 qualified QA Testers. More importantly, it cuts down the cost in half while completing the job efficiently 20times faster.

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Ashfaqul Haque