OnuKit: A Pocket-Sized Customer Care Solution for SMEs

Communicating with the customers efficiently is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks for any entrepreneur. Daily business rituals like receiving phone calls, taking orders or writing down the complaints from the customers consume a lot of time and energy in the process which could have been invested elsewhere to grow the business. Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) go through a hard time managing their customers.  Most of the SMEs can’t even afford to set up their own customer care as it is really expensive.


What if there is a magical Customer Care Solution for SMEs which would literally fit in your pocket? What if you could take orders, track deliveries, keep the record of complaints or run campaigns all on your own; by installing a tiny software on your phone?  What if the cost for it was 300 times cheaper than setting up a traditional customer care? That’s what OnuKit– One of the startups of GPAccelerator Batch 5 has to offer.


How OnuKit Works

OnuKit is a revolutionary App designed to support enterprises with their specific needs. It helps businesses execute all their daily activities efficiently. Starting from sending a notification to your customers to generating leads via Missed Call Marketing to taking orders from dealers to payment collection, everything can now be managed in a very organized way. It also prepares a precise report showing the progress of a particular task. You can even delegate your colleagues to execute an unfinished task. All you have to do is to install OnuKit app in your device. With OnuKit Web Dashboard Panel, now you will able to monitor your business performance and take actions accordingly; even when your device is away. From its wide range of premium plug-in collection, you can purchase the ones you need. You can also request for a tailor-made plug-in for your business. But the best part of OnuKit is, it lets you integrate your mobile phone with your company software using API.



OnuKit has been taking part in a 4 month-long mentorship program at GPAccelerator. In partnership with Startup Dhaka, this innovation-driven mentorship program shapes and refines home-grown tech-based startups. As one of the selected startups of Batch 5, OnuKit receives seed funding, working space at GPHouse, access to all in-house tools and resources and guidance from seasoned mentors and industry experts from both the country and abroad.


‘Onu’ is a Bangla word which means little or small. On the other hand, ‘Kit’ refers to a useful tool specifically made to solve a problem.  “I always had my emotional attachment with the SMEs,” said Sharif Muktadir, CEO, Onutiative Ltd- the mother company of OnuKit. “Big businesses usually can afford to go for expensive options to solve their problems whereas the SMEs are often left unserved. At Onutiative, we strive to create impactful products like OnuKit which would not only serve the needs of big enterprises but the small and medium ones as well. That too at an affordable cost.”


OnuKit is already serving over 300 SMEs and 15 enterprises which includes companies like Holcim Bangladesh and Summit Communications Ltd etc. But it’s not limited to the local SMEs. OnuKit aims at capturing the South Asian market where there are millions of SMEs and enterprises to serve. Regardless of the size of your company or the degree of the problems you face running your business, perhaps OnuKit has a deal for you.

Learn more about OnuKit packages and features at www.onukit.com.

Download the app now:  apps.onukit.com

Ashfaqul Haque