Parking Koi: Unlocking Hidden Parking Spaces

Dhaka is a city of 20 million people. Despite being insanely dense, it is still one of the most vibrant and happening cities of the world. The only thing halts life here is its intolerable traffic jam, which is primarily caused by illegal and unauthorized roadside parking. However, people don’t always park their vehicles here and there just because it’s convenient and somewhat socially acceptable. Most of the times they do it because they have to. Due to Dhaka’s overpopulation scenario, most of the busy locations of Dhaka cannot accommodate every car with an authorized parking space. Thus, people are forced to park on the streets, despite the risks of vehicle theft and fines for violating traffic laws.

On the other hand, while most of the vehicles are out on the road during the day, a huge percentage of residential and commercial parking spaces remain empty. To connect the dots, Parking Koi, one of the startups of GPAccelerator Batch 5 came up with a brilliant idea. With its parking sharing platform, it helps the drivers to find the nearest available parking spaces using Parking Koi app. At the same time, it also creates an alternative earning source for the owners of the underutilized empty spaces.



After being selected as one of the startups of GPAccelerator Batch 5, Parking Koi has been growing exponentially. Within a span of just a few months, it has already on-boarded over 2,000 customers who park their vehicles in more than 1,200 residential and commercial places all around Dhaka city every day. The number of parking places in the residential areas has been increasing significantly as well as it allows the hosts to earn up to 20,000 Taka per month immediately.


Added to that, Parking Koi has also signed MoU with commercial places like Police Plaza Concord, Shadharon Bima Corporation, and Globe Shopping Center. With that, it will not only provide leads and a steady stream of revenue for them but also will unlock hundreds of commercial parking spaces for everyone.


As a pioneer, Parking Koi took the parking sharing industry by storm. It aims to disrupt the way parking is done, traditionally. What used to be manual and unorganized is now fully automated, secure and hassle-free.  More importantly, it makes life a bit easier.

Happy parking!


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Ashfaqul Haque