Digital Analytics: Insight is power

To survive in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing marketplace, businesses need to understand consumer behavior and connect them on an emotional level. Having a good knowledge of the customers is not enough anymore. Amidst superabundance of information, it’s only the customer insight that makes a digital marketer invincible.

Digital Analytics gives us a deeper understanding of the trend and behavioral pattern of customers. It turns data into actionable insights which help businesses take the right decision at the right moment.  At the same time, it also gives businesses a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to track, measure and analyze the activities of the customers. It’s a free tool that provides real-time customer analytics. As a result, it enables companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and make informed decisions. Last week, GPAccelerator organized a workshop on Digital Analytics for the 5th Batch of startups. The session was conducted by one of the few Data Analytics experts of the country Mr. Saqiful Alam. The five selective startups OnuKit, Search English, cWork, Digital Manush and Parking Koi were present at the workshop.


Saqiful has a knack for Data Analytics. Apart from being the Lead Community Manager at Google Business Group- Sonargaon, he also plays many other distinguished roles. He is a full-time Faculty at North South University. He is also an Advisor to 10 Minute School. During the session, the teams had a hands-on experience of setting up their own Google Analytics Accounts.


Get started with Google Analytics:

To get started with Google Analytics, the first thing you need to do is to open a Google Analytics Account. Then, use the account to generate a Tracking Code in JavaScript and add the Tracking Code to your website. That’s all.

Now you will be able to see every interaction of your customers on your website. Google Analytics will specifically show you how many users visited a particular webpage, their age range, location and the device they are using, the items they are buying or checking out- you name it! Based on users’ activity on the website, Google Analytics will prepare precise reports in a very organized manner.




The Decision Making Models:

Every decision a business takes has a positive or negative impact. To equip the startups with the ability to take the right decision, the second part of the workshop was focused on the Decision Making Models. Eisenhower Matrix, Stakeholder Power Model, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Multicriteria Decision Model and The RACI Matrix are some of the Decision Making Models which are widely used to failproof business strategies.



I’m really impressed to see the progress of the current cohort of GPAccelerator startups… said Saqiful Alam at the end of the workshop.

They are brilliant, determined and very eager to learn. With their innovative products, they are trying to solve some of most critical problems in Bangladesh. With that I can safely say, they will bring some positive changes in Bangladesh.

Ashfaqul Haque