Banglalink Launches Incubator 2.0:

Banglalink has officially launched the second batch of startups for its IT Incubator initiative. The IT Incubator initiative is coordinated in collaboration with Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, of ICT division. The official ceremony took place on Thursday at Dhaka’s Le Meridien Hotel.
Banglalink started the IT Incubator initiative with a vision of fostering digital innovation in Bangladesh. After the success of the first batch of IT Incubator, this time around Banglalink is more enthusiastic about facilitating the tech scene of the country and is introducing improved curriculum and better infrastructural support.
For Batch 2, Banglalink has selected 6 emerging startups based on their product and team strengths. These startups are:

Genie IOT

Genie IOT is an IOT company that specializes in home automation. Their unique products will enable users to control home appliances just using voice control. Alongside incorporating Bangla as a command language, they are keeping the prices low to make it accessible to the general masses of Bangladesh.


Parking is one of the most critical problems of Dhaka city. Lack of parking spaces in high-density areas is giving rise to a lot of illegal parking, theft and traffic jam. Parkly is a company that is aiming to solve the parking problem of our country by connecting Car owners to empty parking spaces at residential/commercial establishments.


Chobir Baksho

Chobir Baksho is a photography marketplace that is solving one of the most common problems of content publishing and marketing companies of Bangladesh: Finding contextualized pictures for contents. Chobir Baksho is aiming to solve that problem by creating a marketplace where Bangladeshi photographers can sell their captured images to marketing agencies, publishing houses or anyone who is interested to use their pictures.

Easy Sense

Easy Sense is an IOT startup that can sense gas leakages and fire hazards in industrial setups or areas, and can notify the owners and fire service division through integrated notification network. Through this venture, they want to save money, lives and dreams of entrepreneurs & businessmen all around the country. is a startup that is connecting consumers who are looking for healthy homemade food to their neighboring homemade food producers. Through this startup, on one hand, they want to solve the quality food crisis of the city dwellers and on the other hand, they want to create a source of sustainable income for homemade food producers

Teach it

‘Teach It!’ is an online marketplace where anyone can provide teaching to others in exchange for fees. They are open to any topic or subject as long as it worth learning. From physics to music they will allow teaching enthusiasts to teach anything from anywhere.



Erik Aas, CEO, Banglalink has expressed his intentions to keep on supporting tech startups of the country through this sort of initiatives. This time around, besides providing infrastructural support and mentorship, Banglalink also plans to provide the startups with access to a larger customer base by taking their digital products/services to Banglalink’s massive customer pool.

Overall, everyone was hopeful that this sort of initiatives will help to facilitate our digital startup ecosystem and more impactful digital products/services will come out in the coming years because of these initiatives.

Ashfaqul Haque