Startup Dhaka Partners with Daffodil University to Jointly Develop Online Education Courses

Startup Dhaka and Daffodil International University (DIU) signed an MOU to on board DIU as one of the knowledge partners of Startup Dhaka online school.

Startup Dhaka online school is an initiative to teach the aspiring entrepreneurs and students of the country the A-Z of entrepreneurship. Different local and international mentors will share the knowledge and experience in this platform to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. The goal is to help new startups start their journey and help avoid most common mistakes while starting new ventures.  It also hopes that young students will able get better understanding about entrepreneurship and ICT which are transforming the world of business.


8 Lakhs students pass HSC each year. A good portion of these students enroll in university and go on to complete higher education. With increasing number of students getting quality higher education unemployment rates are also in the rise as students are not getting enough jobs meeting their expectations. Around 26 lakh of the 6.21-crore-strong labor force of Bangladesh were unemployed in 2015–16, according to the 13th Quarterly Labor Force Survey (QLFS) of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), According to the report, 4.18 per cent of the country’s workforce is currently unemployed.

Startup Dhaka wants to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of being an entrepreneur so that they can build their own business and in turn Bangladesh’s overall unemployment stays low. More and more people are already being interested in starting their own business since there are not enough job opportunities and this initiative from Startup Dhaka will guide these entrepreneurs to reach their goals.


Each lesson is supported by online quiz so people can retain learning by using the platform. After passing each course, students will receive certifications.

Daffodil International University as one of the knowledge partners will develop lessons for the online school. Their esteemed faculties will cover fundamental skill driven courses focused on entrepreneurship and ICT to provide entrepreneurs and students with relevant skills of the current world. The 3 most renowned departments of Daffodil; CSE, MCT and Entrepreneurship will take active participation in this venture. During the initial phase, they will develop courses on entrepreneurship and Business Motivation, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, and introduction to Graphic Design.


Startup scene in Bangladesh is comparatively new but has seen growing interest from students and young professionals alike.

Md. Sabur Khan, the Chairman of Daffodil International University appreciated the initiative of online school for entrepreneurs & said, “Md. Sabur Khan, the Chairman of Daffodil International University appreciated the initiative of Startup Dhaka’s online school for entrepreneurs & said, ‘Daffodil Family always had a strong commitment to help develop entrepreneurs and support students’ initiatives. Our country has a huge population and many of our people develop an entrepreneurial mindset because of constrain of resources. Unfortunately first time entrepreneurs often lack the knowledge about how to start a business and have little financial literacy. A joint partnership with Startup Dhaka Online School and Daffodil University will help fill these knowledge gaps and guide these entrepreneur to create better businesses.”


Startup Dhaka CEO Mustafizur Rahman said on the occasion: “We are delighted to have such an esteemed university as one of our knowledge partners. The depth of knowledge and experience of some of the faculty members is immense, and for the first time this initiative will allow non students of the university to access courses beyond its classroom. We hope more academic institutions will embrace our platform to help the break barriers by empowering minds in Bangladesh”

Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Associate Professor & Head Dept of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT) was much excited about this partnership.

He said, “We can proudly say, Daffodil University has some specialized department & we will be happy to share our knowledge with the students & entrepreneurs to make their entrepreneurial journey easier. We have always encouraged our students to start new things & our university has the first & currently the only entrepreneurship department in the country. We are very optimistic that this partnership will help many entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.”


Startup Dhaka and Daffodil International University hopes this partnership will mark a new milestone in the online education development in the country.

Nahid Farzana