Amar Uddog: Business Made Simpler

Most businesses use ERP softwares to maintain and automate their venture. But when it comes to small and medium businesses, they’re still stuck in the past and they run and document their business manually. If we take the case of a regular shop, they use the Tally method to maintain their accounts and bookkeeping which comes with a lot of hassle and is very time consuming as well. At the same time the accuracy of these methods have always been an issue. In order to fix the problems for the SMEs, Amar Uddog was founded by a group of developers.
This ERP solution provider lets SMEs automate their accounts, sales and inventory and ultimately makes the entire business process simpler and easier.
At present there are 80 Lac small and medium businesses in Bangladesh. Even though most of these businesses have computers and maintain excel sheets, they are reluctant to use ERP software.The main reasons behind this are that most software are costly, have complex interface and most small and medium businesses have a fear of adopting new things. The key functionalities include fast automation, regular inventory tracking, customer due reminders and daily account updates. Amar Uddog believes their service enables an SME increase their efficiency, update accounts automatically. To overcome the adaptability issue they have also introduced the idea of business specific personalized interface which currently does not exist in the SME sector. Currently Amar Uddog has 3 payment models. The first one is a monthly subscription model of BDT 500. The next one is a yearly subscription model of BDT 5000 and the final one is the customizable B2B model where the startup provides hosted solution and dedicated support to businesses.
The government requires SMEs to be more aware,use electronic cash register and abide by the vat laws which are to be implemented by 2019. So in near future the demand for ERP solutions will increase drastically. The existing competition in the market are software like Tally, InventO, ABH World etc. But Amar Uddog stands out from them because it has the easiest UI, it has both Online and Offline support and provides personalized subscription based service.
CEO Md Aminul Haque let us know that after joining Grameenphone Accelerator program in only 40 days they have registered 840 SEMs and started making revenue. In their four months in the program they have partnered with Edison Group and working with Grameenphone for their SME pilot project.
Amar Uddog is planning to make access to SME loans with their data driven loan processing which will reduce the application processing time than its required right now. This will take their business to newer heights in future.




Nayeema Akbar