GP Accelerator Startup Expo: Day 1

Today was the first day of Startup Expo of Batch 4 presented by Grameenphone Accelerator program and Startup Dhaka. The aim of the program is to showcase our startups and provide them with a platform of community pitching. This event is also an opportunity for our teams to prepare themselves for the upcoming Demo Day

The response the teams received throughout the entire day today was quite overwhelming.  All 5 our startups at the expo worked really hard to make sure everyone visits their stalls and get to know about the ventures.

The 5 startups FoodTong, Alteryouth, Mars, Amar Uddog and Avijatrik set up their booth at 9 Am on Day 1. One of the early visitors Ehsan Ahmed told us, “It was really great to see the booths and the energy of the teams, I had to take a look!”

Through this article we wanted to let you know what our teams have done so far on Startup Expo.



Alteryouth did a demonstration of their entire business procedure through a display screen by recreating their app interface. Their target is to acquire a 100 scholarships over these 2 days. And so far they have already found Revolutionaries who agreed to provide the scholarships.

“It’s really wonderful to see a young group of people like Alteryouth trying to bring a revolution and do something for the country”, said one of the visitors Rifat Ara Khan.




The first day of Expo was a successful one for Mars.  They got around 60 people signing up for their free subscription and some more who opted for the paid subscription. They were offering instant gifts such as mugs and umbrellas for subscribers.

One of their visitors Sadia Kabir said, “I had questions regarding how this venture was different from other weather apps and how their payment system works but after talking to Mars I’ve realized how they stand out from all the other apps of this sort.”




FoodTong’s booth was busy all day. They offered membership offers, discount and sample food for their visitors. The quality of the sample food was able to prove how serious they are about the quality and taste of food. FoodTong plans to sign up 100 people over these 2 days.






Amar Uddog

Amar Uddog offered promo codes, extension on free subscription, sms bundles and referral offers at the Expo. They got subscribers who registered for personal accounts as well as small and medium businesses and ensured their visitors about the security and reliability of their venture. The main target for Amar Uddog during these 2 days would be to aware people about their startup and increase their reach.



Avijatrik featured all their day trips and long trips at the event. They offered discounts cards, offers and gift cards for interested visitors and promoted the idea of responsible community tourism. Their target is to reach 1000 people throughout this event and get subscribers to travel with them.



When we asked about the overall experience from visitors, here’s what they had to say:

“I am amazed to see the enthusiasm of the startups & what Grameenphone Accelerator Program is doing for the startup ecosystem which is much needed.I loved all the startups and am driven by the view that they share.”,Sarah Beara Harkintor.

“It was reinvigorating to see the exciting startups at work! Their effort and innovation was evident and it was a pleasure to see so many ideas devoted to improving the local ecosystem within Bangladesh”, Fardeen Ameen.


We are looking forward to the second and last day of the Expo.

Visit GP House on 26th of October from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm.

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Nayeema Akbar