Nahid Ahmed Talks About Graphics Design For Startups

Grameenphone Accelerator program in partnership with Startup Dhaka persistently works to help the rising startups of Bangladesh. In every batch, teams get the chance to attend this program where they get their very own work space, seed funding and help of mentors from home and abroad.

On 16th October, Nahid Ahmed, Creative Head of Magnito took a session on Graphics Design with the Grameenphone Accelerator teams.

Nahid started off the session by asking the teams about their expectations from the session. The first thing he told the teams was “Design is not using the right things rather using things in the right place.” It’s the same as rearranging a room with the existing furniture;there’s nothing extraordinary about it but doing it the right way makes it extraordinary. Big companies like BMW have used the simplest of elements to design their campaigns.


Design is a form of visual communication and a good design is very important for startups. Because people tend to see first and read later and sometimes they don’t even read the copy at all. Although introducing a new product or service can seemingly have a few advantages but there are some leverages of having competition in the market as well. For instance you get prior data and knowledge of potential customers and you know that you have to make your design better than your competitors. A design that gets crowded with lots of information is not pleasant to the viewer’s eyes whereas a simple design is soothing to see, feel and experience.

There are 3 key roles of design;


* Marketing

* Branding

UX/UI: UX is the user experience of a product and service and how it’s designed. People use good designs for granted and don’t acknowledge them much and on the other hand they keep noticing a bad design. That is why brands like iPhone, Android and Gmail keep working on their design to make the user experience better. UI is the outlook of the UX.

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It is essential to understand the audience and the impact of the design on them. Target audience can belong to different demographics and based on that the design should be set. Youth based design should be different than a Corporate or Mass based design. Different color palettes trigger different sorts of emotions. For example; the GP Music app is targeted towards a youth based market and hence the colors used in this campaign are bold and vibrant.

Finally Nahid discussed some current design trends like:

* Cinemagraphs

* Animation

* Geometric shapes and color

* Courageous Colors

* Parallax Scrolling

* Custom Graphic Illustration

Some useful apps for beginners to start designing according to Nahid are;Snapseed, Quick, Legend. These apps are easy to work with and can help startups looking to create their own designs.

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Finally the teams got the chance to have one on one sessions with Nahid Ahmed where he helped them with their website and Facebook page designs and guided them to make improvements in future.


Nayeema Akbar