Content Planning & Strategy by Sameer Chowdhury

Grameenphone Accelerator program in partnership with Startup Dhaka relentlessly works to improve the startup scene of Bangladesh and encourages new ideas. Every batch of this program consists of teams who get the opportunity to attend a 4 month long boot camp where they receive work space, seed funding and guidance of mentors from home and abroad.

Last Thursday Sameer Chowdhury, Strategic Planner of Magnito Digital Ltd. came to GP House to take a session on Content planning & Strategy. All 5 teams from Batch 4 got a chance to learn about today’s Digital World, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

Current Scenario of Bangladesh:

The digital market is growing rapidly in Bangladesh. Among the total population if the country, 33% are currently Internet users and 82% are mobile phone users. Internet usage has been possible in this grand scale due to the availability of smartphones. Bangladesh now has an eco chamber consisting of apps like, Facebook, Snapchat, Ludo Star, WowBox etc.



Digital Marketing Channels:

Platforms for Digital Marketing can be Own, Paid or Earned. Through these channels startups can display their content on social media and search engines. There are significant differences among these platforms but they all have their distinctive impact.


Digital Content:

Digital content is telling a relevant and powerful story to the world. In the digital world everyone tries to do that so how well you tell your story redefines your position in the market and lets you move forward. Online platforms like Storyscape give startups an avenue to create their own story to reach their customers. The most crucial part is to know how to deliver the right content at the right moment to the right audience. In order to understand and target the right audience we need to filter through these people and figure out their interests and where their loyalties stand.


Storytelling and tone of message vary depending on the kind of people it’s targeted towards. And how you package your story determines how well people will remember your brand. That is where design comes in. Because most people are visual learners and they prefer seeing more than reading a story. Contents that go viral usually have a visual appeal to the audience that gets them hooked.


Content Marketing Strategy:

One thing we need to keep in mind is that our content is the king of our business and that’s why it’s necessary to implement the right strategy to market your content. Implementing this strategy is done in 3 steps.


First step is to create the Brand Bible which is the Brand Strategy. This is the combination of:

* assessing the market through proper research

* understanding the brand’s core value

* Do the right positioning in terms of market and product.

* And implementation of the plan to establish the brand image, management and communication.

Second step is to Define & Identity the Content which is called the Content strategy. This consists of determining your:

* Business goals

* User needs

* Style

* Distribution

* Social media


Third step is the Integrated Digital Campaign where the following come together:

* Social Media

* Search Engine Optimization

* Remarketing

* Content Marketing

* Email Marketing


Social Media:

Social media is a virtual community and a mean of interaction among people where they create, share and exchange ideas. The key reasons behind the popularity of social media is how it is an open place for discussion and discourse, it connects people and builds relationships. At the same time it has an impact on people of all kinds of people starting from kids, students, businesses and media. Before jumping to work with social one needs to have a better understanding of it. It’s easier to choose a social media platform where the content is channeled the right way and where you can find your target audience and vice versa.For instance, Facebook is the appropriate platform for advertising photos, events and stories.

Social media is more effective than traditional media platforms because it’s more interactive, transparent and takes place in real time. For all these reasons social media platforms like Facebook has become a broadcast channel that brands regularly use and keep working to improve their content.




Analytics help brands track their performance and optimize their performance. Some important tools to get these insights are:


* Google Analytics

* Facebook Insights

* Fanpage Karma

* Rival IQ

* Unmetric

* Iconosquare


After the session was over, Sameer got a chance to know more about the teams of Batch 4.  In his own words, “This session was a very nice experience and all the teams are very promising, hope to come and work with them again in future.”


Nayeema Akbar