Avijatrik: Experience The Real Bangladesh

Whether you are looking for adventure or want to spend a nice, relaxing weekend; this travel season you can do it with a digital companion to help you with it all.

Avijatrik can be your one-stop solution for all your travel related queries and issues starting from booking tickets, hotels and exploring new places. But it doesn’t end there. This startup is the pioneer in introducing Community Tourism in Bangladesh. Community Tourism is different from traditional tourism platforms because it allows tourists to connect with the local people of a community. Some local families of the community host tourists at their homes, some prepare their meals, some provide transportation and some can even become tour guides in exchange for a small amount of money. So the tourists get to learn about the culture of a new place and have a great new experience through this platform.


The two founding members of Avijatrik are not very new to the tourism industry. They had been operating a traditional tourism business for the past 3 years and felt that there is more than they could do for the society besides upholding beautiful attractions of our country to the people. With these thoughts in mind, these two people; along with 5 more of their friends, got together. Their mission has been to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism scene in Bangladesh. In order to ensure this, they have founded Avijatrik. This is a company that lets you travel at the cheapest cost with the least bit of hassle and lets you connect with the local communities of any area. At the same time, it helps the families hosting the tourists earn a better living and lead a better life. So by the time you go back home you know that you have given something back to the society and gained a new experience.


Traditional tourism companies mostly work with corporate and family packages as it’s easier to stick to that same demographic. Avijatrik, on the other hand, has chosen to sell not just packages, rather experiences to the youth of Bangladesh who has the thirst for exploring new places. Their target group is a niche between 22-35 years as these people are friendly, adventurous and always open to experiencing new things. For now, Avijatrik has 18 tour packages available at locations like Sundarbans, St. Martins, Sajek and Sreemangal. But their packages are absolutely customizable and one can choose between Complete Packages that include all the features and Partial Packages like just booking a hotel or hiring a tourist car or a tour guide etc.


Chief Marketing Officer Nusrat Jahan Sanzi informed that for now through their official Facebook page, they are getting 20-30 customers every month and all of them have great things to say about Avijatrik’s services. But Avijatrik plans to increase this number to 100 by the next 1 month. In order to reach this target, they are working on Lead Generation to get more relevant and targeted signups. In future, there are plans for an Avijatrik Mobile App but they are not planning to launch it until they reach a certain level of brand value and recognition in the market.

Avijatrik is not focusing on revenues at the moment rather trying to sign as many people as possible by attracting them with the best possible content. Other incentives include collaborations with Women’s Door ,promotional discount offer of 500tk on every  first trip and bundle offers with purchases from other businesses like Repto and Gadget N Gadget. So far the promotional offers have been quite successful in achieving their targets.

The world’s leading platform for social impact travel experiences visit.org and viator.com has also featured Avijatrik’s travel packages on their website.



Although Community Tourism is an untapped market, it still has some indirect problems and competitors. Cost is the biggest challenge here because people have made up their minds that tourism companies are quite expensive in Bangladesh and that is the perception Avijatrik plans on changing. Nazmul Islam, CEO of Avijatrik, said, “Going on self-planned trips and traveling with Avijatrik, both  will cost the same but Avijatrik will ensure there are less hassle and more features from our end”

“Traveling with us is definitely a better option rather than traveling with other tourist groups and companies because Avijatrik will definitely provide more features at the same price”.



When asked why they joined Grameenphone Accelerator when they already have their business up and running, COO Nehar Sarwar Ayon said, “The loss of not going to office and working at the GP House is nothing compared to how much we are getting to learn and improve because of the training and workshops arranged by Grameenphone and Startup Dhaka. Also, the amount of exposure we received for joining Accelerator has given us a boost we really needed.”

In future, the company wants to start their own projects and also collaborate with organizations like Relief Intl. and USAID to arrange community tourism projects to create a better standard of living and encourage travelers to keep traveling to new destinations as well.


Nayeema Akbar