Rising Bangladeshi Firm In Animation World

With a sole mission to “AMAZE our customers” every time and to entertain the world with enriched media, a Dhaka based company is taking a new approach to produce high-quality motion pictures which involve high-end 3D animation and Motion graphics. Today “ChalkDust Studio” is a one Stop Media Center, providing a solution for all Media & Communication needs. It’s not only providing a variety of media and animation based services but also Pre to Post production solutions for live video and designs for printed media.

Started its journey in last year, with a dream to produce the film in Bangladesh with ground breaking CGI effects; ChalkDust Studio has developed its creative wing with highly skilled and experienced young group of creative team members. They have been producing content for over 7/8 years for a broad range of clients– from small technology startups to global agencies. Expertise to international competitiveness has been demonstrated through various project experiences from both the domestic as well the overseas market.

Media works of ChalkDust Studio are dynamic and professional. They have already completed some 2D & 3D animations, which reflects their huge expertise and high quality of work. “Time Bender” and “HabluDablu” are great examples of international standard 2D & 3D animation produced on Bangladesh soil. Addition to that this vibrant studio has also delivered eye catching Motion Graphics for some MNC & International development organizations which give a glimpse of their skill.

Nevertheless, Chalkdust Studio is now currently working on their first live action short film which will be released on their YouTube official channel.

pic 01

ChalkDust Studio has recently unveiled their “Demo Reel 2017”, where stunning Visual & Sound effects, fascinating Concept Art, state of the art 3D modeling & texturing, advance Rigging, superb Video Composition & Editing has been exposed. Key people for Concept Packaging, Graphics design & illustration, Lights & Render, Rotoscoping&Chroma Key, Color Grading & Color Correction can deliver professional outputs to cater local & international market demand.

This year ChalkDust Studio have affirmed their theme “Switch On” to deliver exciting audio visual projects. They want to prove that international standard Animation, VFX and Post Production can be done from Bangladesh.ChalkDust creative team is currently working on some exclusive projects to set new standards & quality benchmarks.

Three tech enthusiastic young entrepreneurs started ChalkDustStudio and now they are effectively driving the firm towards greater success. Imran Chowdhury a dynamic leader and the main driving force behind this studio. His dream is to take this organization to a global stage and to deliver world class animation films from Bangladesh. His brave companions Sayful Islam &RahmanulHaquedare to go the far most distant. All three of them are constantly looking at avenues to re-invent themselves.

Some startups have tried to run similar studios in Bangladesh in the late nineties and early twenties but failed due to lack of long term planning. ChalkDust management is well prepared to overcome barriers and take the challenge of climbing the mountain.With guidance from respected chairmanA.J.M Ifjalul Chowdhury, the full team of ChalkDust Studio is thriving to exceed broader horizons.

Nahid Farzana