Automating The Healthcare Industry Of Bangladesh

Leaving a smooth lifestyle in Canada, Sadman Soeb Adib, CEO of, wanted to do something that’s not following the norm of making a six-digit salary and having a comfortable life. Instead, he wanted to do something meaningful and solve a critical problem in Bangladesh that will have a larger impact in peoples’ life. He, along with his friends always thought of solving a real problem in the health industry. Having the same vision in mind, 3 friends together started the journey of DoctorKoi.

Adib said, “Our inspiration was to have a larger impact in our society than just doing our nine to five jobs. We were also on the verge of the transition from education to the real world. We had fresh ideas and aggressive mindset to work for a greater change. Therefore, when our business idea came, we saw a true passion in all of us to work for the change.”

Their original plan was to automate the communication channel between the doctors and the patients. Initially, they solely focused on the appointments taking process. However, with time, they realized that there are other problems in the health – care industry which can be met and have a larger impact. As a result, they started working on their own software to automate the communication channels between the health care provider and the patients.

Currently, the market is just becoming matured as the health care providers are becoming increasingly well-aware of the technologies that different companies are offering and solving critical problems. However, there are still intense competitions in the market as a lot of small software solutions companies are coming up with their products and offering lower price points and quality. There are some big companies who are also focusing on such products, however; none of them have established a true name in the industry. As of now, doctorkoi is working closely with only a few specialties and building the specially catered product. Therefore, they are focusing a lot on the product development now so that they can decrease the sales cycle in the future. However, with so many small-midsized companies working in the same space, it puts a threat on the market capturing possibilities. Doctorkoi have a very solid strategy to outperform their competitors with superior product and service which they are offering to their customers.


Doctorkoi is quite different from the competitors because of the product differentiation and service quality they are providing to their clients. They spent quite a bit of time with their clients to understand their mindset and offer them a unique solution. Also, they are slowly differentiating the products with many other value-added services to the health care practitioners that create a good reputation for them.

Currently, they are working with a very close group of clients with whom they have built an amazing relationship and trust. Syed Washfi Ahmed, co-founder & CSO of Doctorkoi said, “We have had some amazing responses from our customers. We are taking important feedbacks from them to develop our products and create something meaningful. Once we know we have a standard product that can operate smoothly and solve few critical problems, we will start aggressive sales and diversified channels to market the product.” They are now focusing mainly on the development of the software. As they have started working with only a few specialties, they are focusing on their individual needs. Collecting feedbacks from the customers have given them lots of insights. They believe they still have a lot of room to improve and offer different features which will differentiate their products in the future.

While asked how they are reaching their customer they said they are following the door to door model to reach out. They are directly communicating the value propositions that they are offering and how they are automating the practices. Doing so, they are being able to gather some valuable insights from the customers and understand their mindset towards the product on which they are working. In future, they also want to focus on many PR activities to gain visibility and increase the reach.


The team applied to GP Accelerator to gain the necessary mentorship that they needed to learn for building an organization. They were working with their products but were not too sure on how to monetize from the business. They also wanted to take lesser risk point and had plans on offering many different solutions to the clients.

Adib said, “We wanted the very diverse and well-established mentorship program to learn more about the startup and focus on what was important. Along with that, we wanted to add more reliability and validity of our company and the products we were offering. GPAccelerator provided with that necessary support and added a lot of reliability in the product and services we were offering to our clients.”

Adib believed they have improved a lot in terms of the goals they were setting each week. Prior to joining the program, they didn’t have any matrix to check individual business wins and performances. As a result, they couldn’t know how they were improving every week. This is something that had a huge impact on their business, as they learned how to set individual KPIs every week and follow them strictly. They were also able to restructure their company and put more focus on the team building. They immediately hired more on-foot sales people and re-designed the existing member’s job responsibilities. Doing so, they saw an immediate result from the work they were doing. They have become more customer focused and started building meaningful relationships and understand their needs.


Khaled Hasan Sazzad, co-founder & CTO of Doctorkoi said, “Our experience in the program has been amazing so far. We could gain so many insights on how a startup should survive and thrive in the Bangladeshi eco-system. Each of the mentors has their individual domain expertise and helped us a lot to re-shape the work we were doing. All the mentors had very proven track records in their own fields and solid knowledge. Therefore, with such mentorship, we had the opportunity to gain real knowledge on a different domain and know what works and what does not work.”

The program is designed in a way that it requires the best effort from each member of the team. Startups usually have very minimum resources and it’s very difficult to gain traction with such low resource. However, to stay strong in the program, teams need to show results every week that you are improving. Therefore, it was very important for the co-founders and existing members to double up their effort and bring the result.

While asked about their future plan, Adib said- “We envision creating a network of doctors with our software with which we will be able to offer other solutions to the patients and really connect them with their health care providers. We want to reach our specific target sales every week and also offer other value added services to our clients.

Nahid Farzana