JolPi: A Startup Making Life Easier By Providing Innovative Solutions

Gas leakage is a serious problem in our country but quite often overlooked. According to a survey by Titas, 3,819 accidents from gas leakage took place in 2013-2014. The number has increased to 5,123 in 2014-2015. According to this calculation, every two hours one family in our country is facing such an accident. This is how severe the matter is now! Every day we read about gas leaking accident cases in the newspaper but that’s just a small part of the actual scenario. Unless the accident is major, it doesn’t make space to newspaper and thus public are unaware of the actual number of accidents taking place every day.

A startup called JolPi Electronics recognized the problem and came forward with an effort to solve it. They are a rising technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronic products. JolPi makes Smart Electronics products focusing on IoT and Smart Home Device (i.e. Gas Leakage Alarm, Appliance control, and Access Control). JolPi Electronics is rapidly prototyping on IoT and Smart Home electronic products to build a global brand.

They have launched ‘Sniffer’ which is a gas leakage alarm that starts to “beep” if the gas concentration in the kitchen goes over a safe limit. The ideation, design, manufacturing of the product from beginning to end is completely made in Dhaka. With this product, they are providing 1-year warranty, quality control sticker and free installation with delivery.


Recently we have talked to Reza Ul Kabir, CEO & Co-Founder of JolPi Electronics k to know about the startup and their experience in the GP Accelerator Program.

What makes them unique is their dedication and hard work as a team. They have produced something from scratch and made sure it is from start-to-end 100% made in Dhaka. Their main competitors are imported products from China which doesn’t have any brand value, warranty or customer service scopes. They are together software, hardware, R&D, and Service Company which is indeed very rare combination anywhere around the world. JolPi has vowed to provide not only the best life-saving product but also the best service to their customers to ensure retention and goodwill.

They give great importance to the aesthetics of the product. The color, design, labeling, packaging, etc. are all done with great care. According to Reza, “We put meaning into things and that gives people not only a reason to own our product, but also feel proud of it”

“Sniffer” is quite unique from the other available products in the market. Their direct competitors are Chinese products and some products from Local companies. But none of these products are local brand nor do they have as much sophistication as Sniffer. Sniffer has features like- natural gas detector, sensitive sensor, high-pitch alarm, and AC power supply with Li-ion battery backup. They have some more features in the pipeline, such as- alert via SMS and internet using GSM, temperature & humidity status, earthquake alert, fire alert and air quality status.


They have sold around 1200 units of products within the first few weeks after their product launch. By the end of this year, they are expecting to have 10,000 users. Reza said, “Our customers feel highly safe and satisfied with our service and delivery. More than 20 families gave us feedback on how Sniffer has prevented accidents due to gas leakage in their kitchen. This is so far our greatest achievement.”


Jolpi is always working to be more active in the ecosystem. Besides social media promotion, they are now planning to run JolPi Brand Icon event on 18th June to promote their brand and expand their market size. Through this event, they are expecting to reach more than 3000 customers. Nusrat, co-founder of JolPi Electronics said, “We are focusing more on building the best product and ensuring finest customer service. We believe more than promotion, word of mouth is what gives us the most sales.”

Currently, they have dealers at the major district areas. Soon they will increase the number of deals and area access. Besides, with the freelancer brand icons, they are planning to reach door-to-door of their customers.

JolPi Electronics got into the GPAccelerator program to be connected with lots of national and international technical and business experts and investors. While asked about their experience from the program, Reza said, “GPAccelerator journey is an amazing experience for us. It has allowed improving our network and allowed us a more sound position in the ecosystem. Besides, knowing the mentors and getting direct guidance from them helped us a lot in the last few months.”

Like most startups in the country, they are also facing some financial problem and want to have more sales in the market. They are expecting more funding to improve their retail sales and advance the channel.

JolPi Electronics has already been selected as the best participant in Demo Dhaka. They received National Demo Day award and was also announced as the “Top Investable Startup 2017” in Bangladesh in the National Demo Day event. Besides, they are selected for the most innovative product in the National Innovation program of ICT Division.


Asking about the plan for future they said, “In the next 6 months we are planning to release two more variations of Sniffer, called Sniffer IoT and Sniffer mini. Also, we are looking forward to raising more funds and prepare ourselves for some International events. Above all, we are looking forward to making ourselves a stronger brand and ensure our #MadeInDhaka product to be recognized globally. We want to become the pioneer of local provider for “Smart Home Safety Solutions and Electronic Devices” in Bangladesh and in the long run we want to become the next Apple.”


Nahid Farzana