Bankcomparebd- Simplifying The System Of Car Insurance

Who amongst us hasn’t gone through the hassle of Insurance paper? Quite often we forget to renew our car insurance papers on specific a date which leads to multiple fines. Also, it’s quite troublesome to go all the way to the insurance office and make time for all the paperwork and payment.

For the first time in Bangladesh, Bankcomparebd is digitizing this system of Car Insurance. Whether you own a private car, microbus, three- wheeler, pickup van or motorcycle- you can now apply for or renew your insurance paper through their site.

All you have to do is visit the site ( and register with the basic information of your car. It will give you the bill details based on your car type. Next, you put in the delivery details and upload a picture of your BRTA registration or existing insurance certificate.

Bankcomparebd is offering free delivery within just 24 hours. In case you need emergency delivery, they are also offering that within just 4 hours with very little charge. The best part about the service is that- you only have to register once. Every year afterward, all necessary paper will be delivered to your address before the expiration date. As you put in your email address while registering, you can also track where the paper is at any definite point of time.

Bankcomparebd is a platform for aggregation of financial instruments where an individual can compare rates from different banks and choose the most suitable one that serves their needs. Instead of taking the hassle of visiting so many banks and finding the best rates or service, users can simplify the process by using the platform of bankcomaprebd.

Nahid Farzana