SHEBA.XYZ: Where Professional Service Meets All Your Needs

The TV remote is broken?  Got your laptop virus-infected? Need a car for a day? Does your workplace air conditioning require a fix? How about getting your kitchen cleaned? What if we told you we give you a platform where you can get any and every service you need? SHEBA.XYZ, the largest service platform in Bangladesh, is here for you, come rain and shine. It is truly a one-stop solution.


What SHEBA.XYZ succeeded to do is notice and act on one dire need existent in the marketplace: everyday services that should be but are not readily available through formal channels. SHEBA.XYZ strives to meet the demand for such services – while benefitting and befitting all your demands. Thus, sweat, blood, and tears were shed, and SHEBA.XYZ was founded in 2015 in all its glory.

While we see an increasing growth in the number of people ordering products online, ordering for services online is, however, a new chapter for people to read. A lot of doubt and misapprehensions creep in mostly due to the lack of professionalism and safety which people are fed up of from using the conventional mode of accessing everyday services.


SHEBA.XYZ is the first platform that has identified this core problem and has been striving harder to bring the best service providers of the country in its platform to serve needs of its target market. It verifies all of its partners by making them take a rigorous process and if needed, training. Verified experts and their on-time services have helped expedite SHEBA.XYZ’s popularity. This has resulted in SHEBA.XYZ being able to send out for more than over 12000 services to people in the last few months already, while over 10,00 services await order approval as you’re reading this.

Navigating through SHEBA.XYZ is probably one of the easiest tasks you will do: It has its website categorized into several different services, and all of you have to do is click on the ones you want. From the many services available, you also get to choose the partner or vendor you want the service from. So log into SHEBA.XYZ’s website right today and get ready to get surprised at the various numbers of sought and unsought services it provides. When you want it, where you want it – you will have it. So the next time you are concerned about getting a suit dry-washed or a corner of your house cleaned of gossamers, remember SHEBA.XYZ is just one phone call away.

Find out more about SHEBA.XYZ, and meet your daily repair and service needs at


Nahid Farzana