Back to Startup Basics!

SD Asia has always been working to build up a startup ecosystem in this country. With that view, it has organized many small and big events & sessions throughout Dhaka all these years.

Last February, we had held a session on “How to Startup” at the EMK Center. Lots of startup enthusiasts came and Mustafizur Rahman Khan, CEO of SD Asia shared his knowledge, experience, and suggestions with them. We got great feedback from the attendees and were asked to do more such events and session.

This time we are holding a workshop where startups can learn and test their knowledge. “Back to Startup Basics” will be a short workshop designed to inspire young people to become innovative change makers and put their startup ideas into reality.

If you have an idea and are not sure how to start a business, then this workshop will definitely be of interest to you. This short workshop is ideal for first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. Mustafizur Rahman Khan & SD Asia team will take short sessions and conduct the workshop. In a short period of time, you are expected to learn about how to work on your idea that solves a problem, build the MVP, adapt and create a market-fit product.

So how is it going to work? We will have short sessions on each topic that you need to know before starting your startup. We will hold the sessions slightly different this time. The topic lectures will be shown as video to the audience. In case you are wondering- Yes, you will have the time and opportunity to ask questions or share feedback.

Now the catch for the workshop is you will have to go through TEST! After each topic, attendees will be given a simple questionnaire to fill up which will assess how much they learned and understood from the specific subject.

And like any other test, there will be result and reward! Besides the fact that you will be learning about your favorite topic (why else would you attend!), we will reward the top 5 scorers with our Tshirt and notebook.

So are you willing to learn and test your startup basics? Register now at The workshop will be held at EMK Center on 25th April from 5 pm to 8 pm. Sign up now and let your friends know about the workshop.

Nahid Farzana