Augmedix plans to recruit 7,000 people in next five years

US Based Google Glass Start-Up and healthcare company Augmedix will recruit 7,000 people in the next five years from Bangladesh.

During a press meet arranged at the conference room of Augmedix’s headquarter in Panthapath in Dhaka on Friday, the plan for recruiting this people was revealed by Augmedix’s co-founder Pelu Tran.

State Minister for the ICT Division Junaid Ahmed Palak was also present at the press conference.

Pelu Tran and Steven Yecies, a Venture Partner at OrbiMed, a leading investor of Augmedix came to Dhaka on a three day visit from March 10-13.

Over the next five years, Augmedix and its partners will hire a large number of Bangladeshis in Dhaka and throughout the country to complement the company’s U.S. scribes, who serve as remote personal assistants to physicians in the U.S.
“Bangladesh is an ideal country for Augmedix operations and for connecting talented scribes with U.S doctors,” said Tran.
He said that English is now spoken throughout Bangladesh, and currently 50% of the population is under 25 and very tech savvy. “This combination of talent, youth and education makes for unlimited possibilities for a strong business process outsource workforce.”

Not only is Bangladesh a key supplier of scribe teams for the Augmedix service, but its core Augmedix software, from concept to development to testing and continuous support, is essentially “Made in Bangladesh”, said Tran
Steven Yecies said that they are excited about the quality of Augmedix’s team in Bangladesh and their many contributions to Augmedix’s growth.

“We look forward to continued growth in San Francisco, Dhaka, and with other global and domestic partners, and remain committed to helping physicians and health systems improve the quality and cost of care while enhancing physician productivity and career satisfaction.”

Speaking on the occasion, Palak said, “Bangladesh is the destination for emerging technologies and Augmedix is our prime example of innovation by the talented youth of Bangladesh.”

He said that Augmedix’s future expansion plans in Bangladesh to create thousands of Bangladeshi medical science-related employment for our youths are great. “I am pleased to tell you that our ICT Ministry, through LICT programme has signed an agreement to provide all the trained people that Augmedix will ever need.”

The company currently employs nearly a dozen engineers and other support staff in its Panthapath office, which opened in 2012.

Augmedix was founded in 2012 by Pelu Tran and Ian Shakil, whose father is Bangladeshi and mother is American. The Google Glass-powered remote scribe service frees doctors from three hours of mandated charting and documentation each day.

Before entering the exam room, a physician dons a pair of smart glasses and then proceeds to talk with patients rather than bury their head in a computer screen. Throughout the visit, a remote scribe, based in Bangladesh, will help them retrieve a patient’s medical history, call up lab notes or pharmacy records, and create chart notes of the visit in real-time.

Augmedix currently serves primary care doctors, specialists and surgeons in over 30 states across the United States who together sees approximately 5,000 patients a day.

About Augmedix

Augmedix is the first and largest Google Glass startup of any kind. Its service frees doctors from mandated charting, allowing them to focus instead on patient needs and quality care. Before entering the exam room, a doctor dons Google Glass and then proceeds to talk with patients, rather than burying their head in a computer screen. Forms, health history, lab orders, prescriptions and more are completed effortlessly using a remote scribe, verbal notes and commands. The service is HIPAA-compliant, works with all EHRs and increases doctor productivity by more than 30 percent. For more information, visit

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OrbiMed is a leading investment firm dedicated exclusively to the healthcare sector, with over US $14 billion in assets under management. OrbiMed invests globally across the spectrum of healthcare companies, from venture capital start-ups to large multinational companies. OrbiMed’s team of more than 90 employees manages a series of private equity funds, public equity funds, royalty/debt funds and other investment vehicles. OrbiMed maintains its headquarters in New York City, with additional offices in San Francisco, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Herzliya.

Faisal Mahmud