ICT Division to give 1000 laptops to women Techmakers

In a bid to create more female entrepreneurs, the ICT division of the government will give 1000 laptops to women Techmakers in Bangladesh.

During the program of Bangladesh chapter of Google women techmakers at Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), State Minister for ICT Division, Junaid Ahmed Palak said that is a female entrepreneur is armed with a laptop then she will better use it for the ICT development.

Women Techmakers is Google’s brand and global program for women in technology. Women Techmakers events are designed to promote an environment of inclusivity for women in technology, as well as celebrate women leading the industry.

Giving example of one Rakhi, a young girl from a village in Jessore, the State Minister said, “Rakhi learned programming in her mother’s smartphone. She didn’t even have a computer or laptop in the house yet she stood out first in the regional level programming contest in Jessore in 2016.”

“Think, what she could have done with a laptop,” Palak said adding that the ICT division has provided her with a laptop so that she could carry on her dream of being a world-class programmer.

He said that the young people in Bangladesh are extremely meritorious; all they need is a little chance.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Lafifa Jamal, Head of the Department of Robotics of Dhaka University said, in the faculty of engineering and technology in DU, the number of female teachers is only 15%. In BUET, the respective number is less than 5%., in other public universities-10% and in private universities-25%.

Only 5% of the girls are participating in different programming contests, she said adding that in the IT job sector, female executive represents only 10% of the total executives.

“Our girls are doing better than boys in the computer and other technical departments in the university. But because of marriage, child birth and other factors they are not entering into the job sector that much. This forum will change that. It will not only facilitate jobs but also will encourage women for being an entrepreneur”.

Farhana A Rahman, Vice President of BASIS said, the participation of women in IT and tech field is still low in Bangladesh.
“If you go to a software company, you will see a significantly low amount of gender parity there. Especially in the top management position, the percentage of women is very few”.

“As of now, this is not a good scenario. But we have to change it. The good news is our girls are doing excellent job in the freelancing world. Almost 25% of the freelancers of the country are female and compared to men, women are doing significantly better in online market space”.

Faisal Mahmud