ZEN Rooms, now the fastest-growing Rocket Internet-backed startup in Singapore, announces it has entered the Top 3 budget hotel players in SG

In less than a year of launch, ZEN Rooms announces it has now broken into the top 3 of budget hotel businesses in SG, managing 500+ rooms daily across 40 locations in the country – disrupting traditional budget chains. ZEN Rooms is on track to take the top spot in SG by 2018.
* Although Singapore visitor arrivals are projected to grow at over 10% annually, the island has been plagued by dearth of quality, trusted supply, especially in the budget segment.
* With a focus on efficient operations and innovation, ZEN’s double rooms start at only SG$55 and its public customer satisfaction track record to date of 7.8 is industry-leading.
* 50% of customers are local with ‘staycations’ being a major trend and 50% are budget-conscious millennial and business travellers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.


ZEN Rooms, the disruptive budget accommodation company and now the fastest-growing Rocket Internet-backed startup in Singapore announces it has entered the TOP 3 hotel businesses in Singapore in its 1st year. In line with its operations in Indonesia, Malaysia & the Philippines, ZEN Rooms has enjoyed booming growth in SG thanks to its low rates and industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.


Despite being one of the most calling destinations in Asia, Singapore is notorious for the skyrocketing hotel prices and the overall low value-for-money in its hospitality sector. With too few players in the segment, most budget hotel chains have questionable reputation of “love hotels”, poor value-for-money offering and therefore aren’t appealing to families and solo millennial travelers. The demand for reliable budget accommodation in Singapore is higher than anywhere in the region.
With the simple motto “Sleep Well, Pay Less!”, ZEN Rooms’ breakthrough model was launched in Singapore in mid-2016 to shake SG’s old fashioned budget accommodation sector and put an end to unreliable budget hotels – offering an affordable, clear-standard alternative to overpriced chains. Similarly to budget airlines, a strong focus on cost efficiency and innovation means lowered room rates for end customers. This has allowed ZEN to reinvent SG’s budget stays by providing double rooms with a guaranteed standard starting at only SG$55 (all taxes included) – i.e. 50% below local alternatives.

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