Robi Registers 5% Revenue Growth; Almost 1 Crore Robi Users Using Smartphone

Robi, the country’s second-largest mobile operator, has seen a 5% growth in its revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016. The company disclosed its financial statement on last Thursday. The industry got some momentum from the third quarter of the year after the Robi-Airtel merger. The company is following a focused segmented customer-centric strategy and managed 5% quarter to quarter growth revenue to over Tk1,400 crore in spite of intense price competition.

After the merging with Airtel, Robi now has over 1 crore smartphone users. The total number of users has come to 3 crores 38 lakhs. The company now represents 26.9% (estimated) of industry subscriber market share.

The number of Robi users using smart devices is 98 lakhs 2 thousand. Last year, only Robi users using smartphone device were 56 lakhs. 13% of their revenues came from data usage.

In 2016, total revenue of the telecom operator was 5 thousand 269 crore taka. With that calculation, the company earned 684 crores 85 lakhs taka from data. Internet users of Robi on average used 322 MB data per month in 2016, which was only 142 MB in the previous year.

Robi has completed the final phase of the merger with Airtel in the fourth quarter of 2016. This merger is expected to assure the improved value for customers and benefit the entire industry. Robi is now focused on creating the number one network which will deliver the widest mobile network coverage and improved mobile service experience to the users.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, Robi brought the most innovative and affordable product offers for their users. It launched the special ‘Merger Bonanza Offer’ where customers enjoyed 1GB internet, 0.5 paisa/sec call rate usable in 24 hour and buy one and get another SIM free. Robi also launched Airtel-Yonder Music app for the subscribers of Airtel brand.

Nahid Farzana