Week In Review: SD Asia’s Top 3 Articles From Last Week

Every day, we at SD Asia work hard to bring you the best startup, entrepreneurship, business and tech news from Bangladesh, from Asia and around the world. There are times when we hear of news that holds us in awe, or times when our review lists have created a storm. More importantly, we try to inspire the Bangladeshi startups first. Sometimes we deliver some advice pieces for the entrepreneurs and tech lovers.

Without further delay, here are our top 3 articles from last week

1.BRAC investing in mobile app Maya Apa New milestone in on-demand service delivery


BRAC is going to scale up its investment in mobile app Maya Apa to ensure quality information and counselling service delivery for a greater number of people. Besides, BRAC’s urban development programme will implement a pilot project where Maya Apa app will be used to give services to 50,000 women garment factory workers.

This new BRAC-Maya initiative was announced today on Wednesday (February 15) with a signing ceremony organised at a hotel in the Dhaka city.

Maya Apa is a virtual platform that anyone anonymously can access any time for counselling and answers to queries on daily life issues including health, psychosocial and legal matters. Once the question is asked it is redirected to the profile of relevant experts and the answer appears within three hours maximum. Statistics show that since the app’s launch in February 2015 around 150 thousand queries were received and answered. Currently, over 10,000 users access it daily.

2. ICT division plans collaborations with MIT for boosting tech innovations


Information and Communication Division (ICT) of the government is going to collaborate with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-one of the best technology institute of the world-to initiate a culture of technological innovation in Bangladesh.

The plan for possible collaboration with the MIT was chalked out during the recent visit of David L Shrier, Managing Director of Connection Science of MIT who came to Bangladesh on invitation from the ICT division.


3. How Work Environment Can Aid Or Hurt Your Chances Of Success?


Starting a business is no game. You have to work very hard, keep long hours, build your network of contacts, and find your value to beat back the competition. If you want to be a good entrepreneur, you need to look around the corners and adjust your game plan accordingly. You need to plan your time, budget, effort and everything to build up your startup. You also need to think a lot about your work environment and workspace. Your work environment helps or harms your success. Here are few points you need to keep in mind-

Tousif Alam