Banglalink Coming Up With New Edges In The Market

Banglalink is coming up with some new edges in the market. VimpelCom’s CEO Jean-Yves Charlier talked about various new steps of the telecom operator in a conference held on Tuesday at the Sonagaon Hotel in Dhaka.

Banglalink, the third largest mobile operator in the country, is ready to sell out its towers to a third party after the government introduces licensing for tower companies. It has applied to the telecom regulator to establish a subsidiary company that will own and manage all of its 9,000 towers. The government has already started a process to auction the license for tower management business; it has formulated the guidelines as well.

The company plans on concentrating on telecom services and that is why it will reduce pressures from other segments like tower management. VimpelCom’s CEO mentioned that, they are planning to invest more than $100 million in 2017 to improve their network, and if the government arranges spectrum auction, this value will increase manifold.

Jean-Yves Charlier also shared Banglalink’s plan to enter into the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh in a few days. They are aiming to work to allow users take a stronger position in the digital space. Banglalink CEO Erik Aas said that they are planning to let customers buy goods and services using mobile balance. Their users will be able to enjoy this service within a few months.

Banglalink has already started 40 types of digital services. Erik said that they can’t only stay as a mobile operator. The world is being digitalized. To keep up with the pace and provide digital services, the company will take new initiatives.

Charlier said that Banglalink is always working for its customers to provide superior services as they step in the digital world. Digitization is becoming a necessity where telecom service providers are needed to update their services and business strategies to compete with the digital world. He said that Going Digital is a combined goal of Banglalink and VimpelCom. They are heavily emphasizing on ‘Going Digital’ in all their promising markets including Bangladesh. In the country, Banglalink contributed to several programs such as National Hackathon, Connecting Startups along with the initiation of first-ever IT Incubator for the young entrepreneurs.

Nahid Farzana