Gateway Express: New Name In The Courier Service Sector

There are quite a number of courier companies in the market. Recently a new name got added to the list- Gateway Express. They have differentiated themselves by adding a taste of confidentiality, reliability, fast & security. They deliver documents, parcels of the clients with order tracking system which enables customers to locate his/her products’ current location through the website.

Gateway Express have a door to door service to deliver products at the desired location. They always feel the value of your time and is focused on fulfilling customers’ needs and whatever it takes to provide customers with the highest level of reliability.

They are maintaining fair prices with consistently fast, reliable and efficient service. The pricing starts from only 50 taka for delivery within 48 hours (regular). The express pricing is only tk. 70 for delivery within 24 hours. The super express and holiday express are tk. 100 and tk. 200 respectively for delivery in the same day and through holidays respectively.

Gateway Express has some exclusive features like

  • Intact & secure packaging- They have sealed poly bags which makes the parcel secured & intact all the time
  • Customized delivery options- Customers can choose their own desired timing & product observation facility
  • Next day cash out facility- They offer next day cash out facility for the customers after a successful service provided.
  • Real time tracking- Customers can track their parcel or documents time to time through the website. There is no hassle.
  • No cash out charge- Gateway Express don’t charge any type of cash out facility, this is absolutely free
  • Sms notification- They have SMS notification for any type of service that they provide.

Nahid Farzana