Meghdut Announced Their public beta

Meghdut, the Dhaka based Analytics startup,has recently announced their publicbeta at Demo Dhaka Bangladesh.

After showcasing their product in HubDhaka’s product demo program, Meghdut’s CEO Wasik Mursalin said that from now on, anyone can register to the platform by going to and check out some demo analysis.

They can also approach Meghdut to try it out for free while the product is in its beta.

Meghdut provides an analytics dashboard that let people track their business metrics live. For example, an e-commerce may want to know who were the top customers in last quarter or which areas are driving its sales.It can be done instantly in Meghdut without writing a single line of code or running a SQL query. People can upload their data files to create an analysis or integrate Meghdut’s API to create a real time integration. The purpose of the beta, is to get more user feedback about their necessities and to make the product perfect before full release.



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