The Top 3 Things Young Entrepreneurs Worry About

It’s never easy to start a new business. Entrepreneurs with new business don’t have money or time to waste. As a result of this, they always carry on the feeling of needing to succeed at any cost, which is a huge stress. Was it the right decision, am I doing it right, will this keep going- are the questions that usually keep haunting any entrepreneur. Every decision you make will take you forward or pull you backward and this feeling would definitely put you under much stress. Here are some main issues that an entrepreneur usually stresses about. Knowing about them will hopefully help you to lighten your burden and tackle them better in future.

Generating sales

For any business, the ultimate aim is a growing client base or revenue and for this, it is important for an entrepreneur to figure out ways to ways to bring consistency in sales and growth of the business. But there is no definite way how the sales strategy should be. As a new business, most things you will do is trial and error. The focus has to be working for the growth of the company and on the way you will figure out and refine your strategy.


It might seem really exciting to start something on your own, but you need to differentiate yourself from others. In this over competitive, buyer-driven world, differentiation is a critical component to your sales puzzle and overall company strategy. While talking to prospects you need to stand out among your competitors and find a niche or show that you do better than anyone else can. You need to figure out your differentiators and at all points try to improve them. Rather than trying to figure out who you are, it’s better to list who you are not going to be. It will guide you into maturing your business’s true differentiating factors.

Finding the right talent

Starting a business from scratch and taking it to success point requires the right talent. It is very important to fill in key roles and delegate responsibilities to the right person who would further build a foundation of growth for your company. Finding the right person is hard, very hard. It’s just not about the resume and interview, rather also about cultural fit, future growth potential, professional growth potential and personal interest. The best advice for finding the right people is to take your time. Though entrepreneurs don’t usually have the luxury of taking more time and also it’s very difficult to wait it out, yet they should show some patience in this case for the betterment in future.

Nahid Farzana