Week In Review: SD Asia’s Top 3 Articles From Last Week

Every day, we at SD Asia work hard to bring you the best startup, entrepreneurship, business and tech news from Bangladesh, from Asia and around the world. There are times when we hear of news that holds us in awe, or times when our review lists have created a storm. More importantly, we try to inspire the Bangladeshi startups first. Sometimes we deliver some advice pieces for the entrepreneurs and tech lovers.

Without further delay, here are our top 3 articles from last week.

1.Few Things To Keep In Mind For Facebook Advertisement


Facebook advertisement is currently capturing the most part of promotional aspects of businesses. The potential reach, targeting features, and huge returns do make Facebook promotions more lucrative than traditional advertisements for marketers. But this might not always be the case. Facebook ads might not work for all and also since the competition is growing fiercely, marketers need to proceed with caution before launching their campaigns.

2. Tech In The Future Of Automobile Industry


Cars are an inevitable part of our life. Whether we own one or not, we end up using it anyways. A good portion of our time is spent behind the wheels. Car companies are bringing so many changes and recently tech companies are tagging along with them. In America, the automobile sector practically had a shift in 2016 as cars became part of the tech industry’s mission.

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence, LIDAR, and data security are becoming a part of cars. Tech companies are bringing in new stuff every now and then. It can’t be exactly predicted what’s coming ahead in 2017 but this year is expected to bring in some really great changes. Probably autonomous trucking service will take the role of weekly deliveries, or some U.S city will have a self-driving only zone, or let’s say Uber will fly to a pickup destination.

3.Brain Station 23 Got Investment From BD Venture & IPE Group


Brain Station 23 Limited has got investment from BD Venture Limited and IPE Group. The Investment Declaration Ceremony took place on Tuesday, 27th December 2016 at Software Technology Park, Janata Tower, Karwan Bazar Dhaka.

Brain Station 23 Limited has been serving foreign clients for last 10 years from around the world to startups, SMEs and also some big clients like British Telecom, PayPal, SIEMENS, Nissan, etc. It has been serving the local market for last 4 years, mostly focusing on the Banking and Finance industry where they have proved their capability of developing highly secured banking software. After few successful and ongoing projects with City Bank and AB Bank now they are aiming to expand even further in the local market. Going mobile is the next big thing in coming years and Brain Station 23 will play a big role helping the rest of the Banks launching their mobile platforms.

Tousif Alam