Branding Tips For Startups

Starting a new business is never an easy job. There are lots of aspects you need to think about. The colors you use, your company logo, story, visuals, fonts, pitch decks, etc. represent your brand. From the very beginning of your journey, you need to decide every little thing very carefully. Even in your starting days, your company character and the brand image will matter a lot for the company’s ultimate success.

To get your brand off to a great start, follow these three tips:

Be consistent

You need to be very consistent and considerate about each of your brand material. Though your business, team, product and processes are evolving continually, your brand materials like fonts, colors, logos should not be changing every now and then. It gives others an impression that you are confused yourself. It’s best for you to use your brand material consistently and build on them as you go. If you make any changes, make sure you update all your materials.

Choose your style and stick to it

Find what feels good for your brand and stick to it. If you go on trying different things and keep changing your website based on the newest user behavior statistics, you are wasting so much of your time that should have been focused on the business. Also, it will be confusing to the user or visitors of your site to find new and different options every time they visit. Instead of making changes overnight, find the best combination that works for your site and brand and make changes when absolutely necessary.

Aim for credibility

As a startup, you will have a different culture than any MNC. Most startups have a very casual, relaxed and fun environment. But on the other hand, they need to be serious about getting their investors and also know where they are standing or what to do next. To carry out this combination of culture, you need to differentiate yourself from others and be credible in your way. Make sure you stand out in the crowd. Focus on your story, team, members, backgrounds, idea, results, and make sure you put these in a unique way in front of others. Tell your story in the ‘about us’ section on your website, your blog or how you tell your story in general.

Nahid Farzana