I Tried Uber In Dhaka And I Loved It!!

Uber recently launched in Dhaka and this news is practically everywhere. I have seen over 50 Facebook statuses so far! It has basically turned into the new hype. I was pretty indifferent in the beginning. Well, who am I kidding! Truth be told, my first reaction was quite skeptical. I was curious yet quite optimistic about Uber.

Last Wednesday, I had my friend’s birthday. We planned on a surprise visit to his house at Mirpur DOHS. Sadly, I did not have my car on this specific day! Let me also mention here- I have the worst sense of direction and a serious fear of traveling alone. So, apparently, I totally convinced myself that I’ll not be going to the party.

At the time, a few of my colleagues were talking about Uber and how amazing it could be for our city. I then thought- Why not! So I downloaded the app from Google Play. It downloaded very fast. The app looked quite user-friendly and convenient.


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Around 4.45 pm I booked my ride. The app showed my ride will be at my office in approximately 13 minutes. I could check where my driver was at any time. In about 5 minutes I got a call and he confirmed the booking and also said he will be there in 20-30minutes. Well, guess what? To my utter surprise, he was there in about 15minutes. Must mention, I was quite satisfied at that point.


The app showed the fair estimation and the type of car. My ride was a Toyota corolla. The fact that the app was showing the name and picture of the Uber driver was pretty credible. Reaching my office, he called me up and I got down. He greeted me well and the destination was auto-set in his phone’s app. He set the phone by his side and started.


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Unlike my prior unsatisfactory CNG rides, neither I had to convince the driver to take me to my destination nor was there any bargaining. This car also had AC and music system!! Period!! The driver drove smoothly and he seemed quite familiar with this route.

Let me mention here that I was quite comfortable in my ride. To be specific I felt safe! I reached my destination in half an hour. Now comes the fare part. I think it was okayish. My total fare was 297bdt from Bashundhara to Mirpur DOHS. The best part here was I had to pay only 45bdt. I used the promo code “UberBDLaunch” for which I got 250tk off.

Uber ride was a good experience for me. I would definitely use Uber again. On the contrary, it’s not at all feasible to spend approximate 300tk everyday and everytime. Most people would definitely prefer public buses over Uber ride. For me, I would take my chances with Uber over CNG anytime (not before buses in the daytime though).

Right after the ride, I got a mail with all the details about time, duration, fare, distance, etc. Basic info about each ride is also stored in the history of the app.

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I would rate their overall service 4.5 out of 5. I had a good experience. Unfortunately, while I’m writing this review, I got to see the news of the probable Uber ban in Bangladesh. The notice published by BRTA is being shared by all. This is saddening. I hope this gets resolved soon as people can really benefit from on demand taxi service like Uber, especially those who don’t have cars. I am expecting Uber will handle the situation nicely and take this amazing service forward in Bangladesh.




Nahid Farzana