CMED: An Amazing Startup In The Healthcare Sector

Problem in health care system is faced both in developed and in emerging markets varying in degrees of complicated to being complex. The unavailability of healthcare centers, doctors or healthcare professionals is more severe in a country like Bangladesh. Assuring proper healthcare for everyone is still a big challenge which gets exasperated by our large population. Very few startups are working in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh, CMED is a rare exception in trying to tackle this problem.

Non-communicable diseases (NCD) like Diabetes, Hypertension etc. are a major social burden globally. They usually remain unchecked until major health issues are diagnosed. These diseases are primarily diagnosed through routine health checkup. Sufferings from these diseases are lifelong, but their consequences are preventable through regular health monitoring. With the growing population and diversity of health problems; a smart, automated and secured cloud based regular health monitoring system is an appropriate solution for developing countries like Bangladesh. It is already validated that, in remote areas of a developing country, where healthcare facilities are neglected, Tele-health monitoring systems are very helpful in supporting the rural health care system. However, digital health care system requires huge data storage and fast data transmission with security. For this, a cloud-based health-monitoring system can be an alternative solution. CMED is addressing to resolve these problems through their integrated smart medical devices connected with mobile APP.


CMED is a smart health monitoring system for regular health tracking. It uses smart medical sensors connected to a smartphone for measurement of vital signs and store data in a secured cloud server. Users get instant feedback about their health status via the APP. CMED can also generate health records that may help doctors to minimize diagnostic time and to provide better treatment to patients.

Unlike the existing devices, CMED’s devices keep records of the user’s data automatically. These devices also suggest the users to see doctors immediately when their health condition is at risk. At present, CMED devices can monitor Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Pulse, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Body Temperature, Weight, Height and Body Mass Index (BMI). CMED is designed to reduce the risk of life threatening diseases like stroke, heart attack, etc. Moreover, with the regular health monitoring system, users would be able to reduce diagnostic time, follow up cost, and cost of hospitalization significantly. Also, community health workers can play a vital role in providing preventative health care in the rural areas by using CMED.

Based on the health information, the system is able to suggest health status as healthy, alarming and emergency. In case of alarming and emergency health conditions, the system will connect the patient to a doctor for medical advice and also guide for the next steps. The system will perform regular health monitoring and create awareness on health. However, if the main system fails to diagnose a unique problem, it will suggest and contact a specialist doctor for a further consultation, who will check patient’s data from cloud database and provide suggestions. The privacy and confidentiality of patient’s health information will be secured by an efficient security protocol named Identity-Based Encryption.

CMED has been selected as a top five startup of GP Accelerator program. We spoke to Dr. Khondaker A. Mamun, Founder of CMED to find out more about CMED and his journey at GP Accelerator.


‘We applied to GP Accelerator to learn more about startup culture, to get mentorship and to make a successful business which can make positive impact on preventive healthcare’ he said.

The ‘Grameenphone Accelerator‘, powered by SD ASIA, is an initiative to help local tech startups with the resources they need to build and grow their businesses. Throughout the program, CMED got the chance to learn from the expert mentors, gain insights by pitching in front of investors and tweak their business model based on customer feedback.

While asking about team, founder of CMED Khondaker A. Mamun, PhD, who is a biomedical scientist and university professor said, ‘CMED has a balanced team. We are a team of scientist, tech guys, healthcare professional and experienced business people. We are trying to improve our system every day. With the help of our team members and mentors, we are tweaking our business model now. Our ultimate goal is to improve the healthcare condition of people of Bangladesh and make an impact in our society’.


CMED is working on changing the archaic health checkup system of the country. According to Kaiser Habib, Operation in charge of CMED, “With this system, people with disability, people suffering from complication from old age and newborns can get easy health check-up.  Continuous periodical health monitoring can easily detect and notify the doctors and family members of any abnormal health conditions. Families can buy our solution with a one time device cost which comes with a free app. We provide free monthly subscription for a limited time and our customers can later avail our digital healthcare services on subscription basis’’.

CMED has set an ambitious business target to achieve in the short term. When asked about CMED’s future plan, Dr. Mamun said, “We have signed two contracts for B2B service so far but there are more than 10 companies in the pipeline. We want to make a strong presence in the market within next 6 months but our intention is to make CMED as a brand in preventive healthcare in Bangladesh”.

CMED also won the prize from ICT Division, Bangladesh and SEEDSTARS Bangladesh session 2016.

Tousif Alam