5 Sales Tips For Startups

A successful startup is the result of thousands of hours of work and tremendous effort. Coming up with a great product or service needs so much works, but that’s just the beginning. After that comes the hard part- selling your product. Some startups fail to understand the key meaning of selling. The act of selling is not about pushing the products to people; rather it’s more about solving a problem.

All startups can’t afford to hire a whole sales team. As a result, they need to be very careful and follow some tricks to sell their products. The process of sales is about helping prospects and improving the customer’s current condition. Here are few tips for startups to consider-

Modify your thought process

Instead of focusing on how to close a deal, you should find out what problems need to be solved. It’s important to figure out from the prospects what kind of pain points they have. Your sales pitch must be focused on solving problems that companies and prospects face. You need to connect the product to the needs of your customer.

Always find ways add value

The process of selling is not completed once customers hand over the cash for products. After that the sales team needs to check in with clients on a regular basis and look for ways to keep supporting them, listen to their evolving needs and be ready to answer questions before problems arise. This will keep the communication channel open between you and the customers. Also, feedbacks are important to improve your service.

Empathize with your prospects

One of the job responsibilities of sales people is calling prospects and they must be sincere and careful while calling. Prospects will clearly know the difference between a sincere problem solver and an impatient sales person who doesn’t really care about their problems. Sales people must listen to the problems carefully, empathize and built up a stronger relationship.

Get your grip on social selling

Social networking sites will be your friend throughout the time. Modern buyers are digitally driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered. It’s easier and convenient to find and draw your customers through social sites. It’s also convenient to research and track their behavior which will further help to improve your service and sales.

Worry primarily about your customers

Worrying about competition is important. But first and foremost you need to focus on your customers. You can worry about competition once you have achieved greater than 10% market share. Before that, `you need to look what your customers are looking for and find ways to solve the problems.

Nahid Farzana